Coaching Like Jesus is an effort to share my thoughts on coaching from a Christ-centered and Biblical perspective, and is a resource for coaches, fans, parents, and athletes.  I believe my faith in Christ is inter-twined into all aspects of my life, some might call this a whole life faith, and as a Christ follower I am (to try) to be like Jesus in every arena of life I find myself in, including coaching and working with young people. I know, quite the concept right, my faith in Jesus is actually supposed to impact the world around me!

I’m a former athlete turned coach.  I figured out the other day that I played competitive basketball for 13 years, if one can count third grade basketball as competitive.  As a child and into my teenage years I participated in baseball, track and field, basketball, football, and cross country.  There were a couple of years where I even participated in a bit of wrestling, although I didn’t like it at all.  As a student athlete in college I participated in basketball and track and field, for three years each, before retiring from my competitive athletic career.

I tell people I started coaching six years ago, but the reality is that I coached an 8th grade boys “B” team about 14 years ago to start my coaching career.  Six years ago I started coaching as a way to get involved in and connect with the community in which I live and serve as a minister at a church.  I quickly found out or remembered that I have a love of sport, a love for coaching, and and a calling to work with young people. For four years I coached high school boys in the Junior Varsity ranks while also assisting the varsity, last year I took my talents to the middle school level were I coached 7th grade girls and 8th grade boys basketball teams, and this season that just ended (2017-2018) I coached at the high school level once again. Six years ago I also started coaching track and field and while I help out all over the place, I primarily coach the jumpers.  I have also helped coach my sons at the youth level.

I don’t know if sharing my coaching experience gives me any clout, but at least I can say  I have coached, and on top of that have been fairly successful both on and off the court, track, and field.  On this site I will share thoughts, observations, and ideas that come from my own thoughts, observations, and experiences and I will share ideas and thoughts that started with a whole lot of other people.  I’m not the only one on this planet that thinks the same way I do when it comes to coaching. I have spent a lot of time reading and discussing what being a coach as a follower of Christ looks like in practical application.

I will reference the other people often and have a resources page so you can spend some time on their web-sites as well.  I will also share some of the books that I have learned about coaching from.  Some of these books directly relate to coaching like Jesus, and some of them are just related to coaching in general.  Look under the resources tab.

My career path has taken many different turns, and while my dream job would be to coach basketball at the college level or run a small farm and retreat center I currently minister quarter-time as pastor of Homedale Friends Community Church and work full-time as the Manager of Labor and Housing for two organizations in Marsing, Idaho.  I still coach when I can.   I’ve been married to the same person, my beautiful wife Heidi for 19 years, and together we have three wonderful and amazing sons, all of which I have had the opportunity to coach.

Let’s learn and grow as coaches and Christ followers, together.