Month: March 2017

Wednesday Devotion ~ Matthew 4:1-11

Our Scripture reading for this week is Matthew 4:1-11, the story of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness before after He was baptized and before He started His ministry.

There are several nuggets for us to glean as followers of Christ and as coaches.

We learn in this passage that we, like Jesus, are to “stand strong” in the face of temptation.  When we are faced with temptation let’s remember to lean on God, and not turn our backs on Him.  The “tempter” will visit us, just like the “tempter” visited Jesus, and like Jesus we need to be ready to combat these attacks.  Jesus used Scripture to do this, and provides for us an example of why know Scripture in our soul is very important.  We may need to quote Scripture to refute the advances of the evil one, or at least utter the words “away from me Satan!”

I read that Jesus was a person of integrity and convictions.  Jesus did not go against what He knew to be true in God.  As coaches we are role models and are to set the example for the athletes entrusted to our care, just like Jesus did with His disciples.  We recognize a great need to have integrity as we coach our teams, making sure our yes is yes and our no is no, and making sure we don’t say anything we aren’t willing to follow through on.  I recognize the need to be willing and able to only ask and expect of our teams what we ask and expect of ourselves.  Let’s make sure we are modeling our moral integrity and convictions of faith and belief.

Jesus was focused on the eternal value.  He could have given in to the devil’s pleas on chosen a different path, but instead He looked at the eternal significance of what He needed to do and instead chose to honor God and focus on eternal value.  As we keep our focus on God and as we work with the athletes on our team as Christ-centered coaches we need to focus on the eternal ramifications.  The young people we coach are either already brothers or sisters in Christ, or potential brothers and sisters in Christ, and we need to interact with them as such.  We must understand that in the process of coaching we can’t say or do things that will harm the opportunity for our athletes to know the love of God.  We have to focus on the eternal, everlasting life with Jesus Christ.

To be sure we will be tested in our coaching and life endeavors as well.  I know I have been and will continue to be.  While I often don’t respond the most appropriately in times of trial and temptation, I believe my heart is in the right place and my goal is always to respond like Jesus has taught us.  Good think our learning is a journey and takes time to figure all of this following Jesus stuff out.

The other thing I see here as I wrap this post up, is Jesus’ utter dependence on God.  As follower of Jesus we need to do the same, as Christian coaches we need to do the same.  We, like Jesus, must have total dependence on God!


3.22.17 ~ Matthew 1-3

A new feature on Coaching Like Jesus.  The goal is to post Scripture for you to read and corresponding thoughts related to coaching once a week.  I’m shooting for Wednesday as publish day.

As I consider what it means to coach like Jesus, I also have to consider what it means to live and be like Jesus in all aspects of life.  Coaching is not  exempt from being Christ like, just like how all other areas of life are not exempt from being like Jesus. To best understand how to be and live like Jesus in all areas of life, including in our coaching, we have to turn to Jesus. A good place to turn to Jesus, and to learn to live like Him and be like Him, is the Bible.

I’m simply a companion on this journey, and the Holy Spirit is our constant guide and teacher.  As your companion I will post Scripture for us to read, and then I will offer thoughts on the words we read as they relate to coaching and life.  Feel free to interact with me as you have comments or questions.

This week I would like for us to read from Matthew 1-3, and I have included a link to which is a good resource for Bible reading and Bible study.

I’m not going to cover the first couple of chapters from Matthew in this post, but encourage you to read them as you remember and perhaps familiarize yourself with the story of Jesus.  In my first podcast I referenced Matthew 1-2, and considered what it means to be called and set apart as coaches, just like Jesus was called and set apart to do the ministry He did during His time on earth.  Here is a link to the podcast.

As we get in to chapter 3 of the book of Matthew we come in contact with John the Baptist.  John the Baptist’s role was to prepare people to receive the message of Christ when it was time for Jesus to being His ministry.  Of course John also played a pivotal role in the life of Jesus as the one who baptized Jesus at the start of Jesus’ ministry.

John was a God bearer.  He pointed other people  to Jesus, understanding full well in humility that “it” wasn’t about him, and that his role was to help other people come to a place of being ready to accept Jesus.  This is where, as coaches, we can be like John as we understand our role in the Kingdom of God.  We, are also God bearers.  As we live our lives and interact with the people God has instructed and called us to interact with we are to point other people to Jesus.

We understand that “it” is not about us, and that in humility we live our lives and function in a way that other people are drawn to God and a relationship with Him through Jesus. Essentially we are co-laborers with Christ as we take on this role of God-bearer desiring that all of those we interact with; assistant coaches, athletes, parents, fans, media, or school administration would be pointed towards God as they interact with us.

Some questions come to mind as we consider coaching as God-bearer?

  • Does this mindset change the way I interact with my players and assistant coaches?
  • Do we respect those under our care as potential fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?
  • Is there anything in how we currently coach that we need to change or work on in order to better bear Christ to those around us?

Thanks for reading.  May the Holy Spirit guide you as we study the life of Christ.