Month: February 2017

“Mentoring Matters”

Yesterday, I finished reading “Mentoring Matters, What Every Mentor Needs to Know” by Tom Osborne.  I recommend this book to anyone who works with children and youth in any capacity.  As a father, mentor, pastor, and coach I found Osborne’s thoughts and reflections to be accurate and encouraging.

I would like to share a couple of longer sections from the book with you, while at the same time encouraging you to purchase the book.

Osborne’s final thought of the book:

“No country is more than one generation away from serious decline.  The best way to protect the nation is to ensure the nation’s young people are properly equipped to be responsible and productive citizens.  Mentoring serves as a powerful instrument to nurture young people so they can realize their full potential and contribute to the common good.  If we fail to invest time, love and guidance in our children we do so at our own peril.”

And from Coach Osborne’s summary at the end of chapter 7 on “Coaching and Mentoring:

“In summary, I observed a coach can have a very important role in mentoring his players.  Players are more impacted by a coach’s actions, how he deals with them, and how he lives his life, than by his words alone.  If a coach deals with players honestly and keeps promises, then he will be trusted.  If a coach is consistent in his treatment of players, win or lose, they will gain confidence in him.  If a coach is a good teacher, uses decent language and acts professionally they will gain respect for him.  If a coach teaches sound values, and promotes strong character they will appreciate his part in molding their value system, particularly as they move on in their lives.  If a coach looks at adversity as an opportunity to learn and to get better, rather than giving up or becoming negative, players will learn a very important life lesson in meeting the difficult challenges they will encounter later in life.  A coach who instills strong discipline and a powerful work ethic in his players will have taught them that good things don’t come easily, that achievement comes with a price.  And finally, by recognizing that the spiritual side of human nature, that which calls us to the best and highest within us, is important and needs to be nurtured just as much as physical and mental preparation, a coach can add a dimension of meaning and purpose which will last a lifetime.”